Quake Scarf & Shawl

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Quake Scarf & Shawl

Stephen West
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This graphic design is knit with 4 main colors of fingering weight wool and one color of lace weight mohair silk for the decorative eyelet rows. Chevrons and short rows form the geometric fabric while the shape grows gradually into a wider asymmetrical shape. You will receive instructions for a long scarf shape or a wider shawl shape. Choose a contrasting graphic palette of colors or try a more subtle and faded color palette.

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Sizes: Long Scarf (pink/gold sample & faded green sample)

Wide Shawl (gray/gold sample & neutral/plum sample)

Finished Measurements: Long Scarf

96” / 244cm wingspan length, 30” / 76cm at widest part.

Wide Shawl

64” / 163cm wingspan length, 62” / 157cm at widest part.

Measurements taken after blocking.

Yarn: MC - Fingering weight wool

CC - Lace weight mohair

You can use fingering weight wool for the entire project, but I recommend using lace weight mohair/silk for the CC to add extra drape and texture to your project.

Yardage: MC1 - 400yds / 366m

MC2 - 400yds / 366m

MC3 - 400yds / 366m

MC4 - 400yds / 366m

You may have some leftovers of each color, but I recommend starting with full skeins.

CC - 450yds / 411m

Shown in: Pink/Gold Sample

Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles

MC1 - Plump

MC2 - Fool’s Gold

MC3 - Piggy Bank

MC4 - Bramble

Hedgehog Fibres Kidsilk Lace

CC - Gossip

Gray/Gold Sample

MC1 - Typewriter in Skinny Singles

MC2 - Magpie in Skinny Singles

MC3 - Cinder in Skinny Singles

MC4 - Graphite in Skinny Singles

CC - Pollen in Kidsilk Lace

Needles: 32” US 4 / 3.5mm circular

Notions: 3 stitch markers, tapestry needle

Gauge: 24 sts & 40 rows = 4” / 10cm in garter stitch

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Quake Kit #1

Kidsilk Lace Dusk

Skinny Singles Bramble

Skinny Singles Crystal

Skinny Singles Stone

Skinny Singles Cinder

Quake Kit #2

Kidsilk Lace Sorry Not Sorry

Skinny Singles Urchin

Skinny Singles Iris

Skinny Singles Oracle

Skinny Singles Graphite

Quake Kit #3

Kidsilk Lace Pucker

Skinny Singles Cereal

Skinny Singles Hush

Skinny Singles Envy

Skinny Singles Kimono

Quake Kit #4

Kidsilk Lace Glacier

Skinny Singles Deep End

Skinny Singles Deja Vu

Skinny Singles Kimono

Skinny Singles Juniper

Quake Kit #5

Kidsilk Lace Gossip

Skinny Singles Bramble

Skinny Singles Piggy Bank

Skinny Singles Fool’s Gold

Skinny Singles Plump

Quake Kit #6

Kidsilk Lace Pollen

Skinny Singles Typewriter

Skinny Singles Magpie

Skinny Singles Cinder

Skinny Singles Graphite

Quake Kit #7

Kidsilk Lace Fly

Skinny Singles Parklife

Skinny Singles Artifact

Skinny Singles Juniper

Skinny Singles Goblin

Quake Kit #8

Kidsilk Lace Hunter

Skinny Singles Stone

Skinny Singles Sage

Skinny Singles Ferrum

Skinny Singles Hawk

Quake Kit #9

Kidsilk Lace Plump

Skinny Singles Hawk

Skinny Singles Graphite

Skinny Singles Crystal

Skinny Singles Cereal

Quake Kit #10

Kidsilk Lace Skinny Dip

Skinny Singles Pollen

Skinny Singles Ghost

Skinny Singles Velvet

Skinny Singles Ink

Errata - Scarf only:

These errata notes were updated and sent January 17, 2019. If you purchased this pattern after January 17, 2019, you have the correct updated PDF.

Section 2, Pattern Repeat 2 - Row 16 (WS):

It should read “K2, ssk, k to m…”

Close to the end of Section 2, where it says “Repeat SECTION 1 Rows 59-70 once more. 154 sts. 33 total MC wedges. 106 sts.”, Please ignore the 106 sts bit.


Row 23 (RS): Using CC, k2, ssk, k to 1 st before m, sl1, pick up a stitch from 2 ridges below and knit it together with the slipped stitch, yo, slm, yo, k to 2 sts before m, k2tog, slm, ssk, k to 1 st before m, sl1, pick up a stitch from 2 ridges below and knit it together with the slipped stitch, yo, slm, yo, k to last 3 sts, sl3 wyif.

After 24 wedges are achieved on Quake Scarf, I changed “Repeat Rows 59-70 once more” to “Repeat Rows 47-58 once more”.

This correction is reflected in the new PDF “quake_scarf_en_3.pdf” sent as an update February 28, 2019.

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