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Stephen West
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Daybreak is a semicircular shawl, featuring clear graphic stripes that echo a rising sun. The generous wingspan allows the fabric to drape comfortably around your shoulders and neck. There is plenty of room to play with color in the three sections of this arched shawl.

September 15, 2017: Purlbreak is a garter stitch variation of Daybreak that was released as a free pattern update. You will receive both Daybreak and Purlbreak if your purchase this pattern. Purlbreak is currently only available in English.

Available in Japanese here.







There are three sizes available to knit Daybreak. Small (Medium, Large)


Color A: 135 (240, 325) yds / 123 (219, 297)m

Color B: 200 (270, 440) yds / 183 (247, 402)m

Errata for Purlbreak: Section 2 - Stripes, after Row 6; the sentence should read: Repeat last 4 rows 22 more times, then repeat Rows 3 & 4 once more. There should be 48 total contrast color stripes. 555 sts.

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PDF pattern to make your own Daybreak!

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